Law Enforcement & Military Krav Maga Training

These classes are for sworn law enforcement officers/ active duty or active reserve military personnel only.  Law enforcement classes are separate from Military classes.

Krav Maga was MCOLES approved in 2012.  We enjoy passing along life saving information and training drills to those who took the pledge to serve and protect our communities.  Our Law Enforcement Officer only classes cover the Krav Maga Worldwide approved Force Training techniques for Law Enforcement Officers.

Krav Maga Training for Law Enforcement & Military at Krav Maga Novi-Michigan

We provide daily training in our Krav Maga Program at a discounted rate for all Officers and Military Personnel.  We recommend all members from all backgrounds train consistently in our civilian classes as well.  The base system is the same for all students, with adaptations specific to the type of student background. This program is well-integrated, meaning that similar defensive principles apply to a variety of hostile situations. Therefore, the system can be learned in a relatively short period of instruction.

Law Enforcement and Military Krav Maga Training

The system is designed to train large numbers of personnel at one time. The techniques are easy to retain with minimal review and can be performed under extreme stress. The Krav Maga System has been overwhelmingly praised by defensive tactics instructors from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as hand to hand combat trainers from special units of the military.

Law Enforcement & Military Krav Maga Training

Let us help you be as prepared as possible so you come home safe.
We provide Private Training and the entire Krav Maga Worldwide Law Enforcement Curriculum for officers individually or as a group.
We also can host Law Enforcement Instructor Certification for officers in your department.
We do not share any law enforcement or military techniques with the general public.

Weapons Class Training at Krav MAga Novi, Detroit, Michigan

Our Instructors can be retained for Private Lessons for an individual or group (adults and kids).
We can also conduct Private Seminars - at your location or ours - on Self Defense, Weapons & Law Enforcement.
Call us at 248-953-4180 or use our Contact Us form to request more information.


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